Astronaut Werewolf Manager

Name: Charlie
Team: Legion of Monsters
Ability: Everything. Purchase Comics. Purchase Magic the Gathering. Purchase of the miscellaneous. Doodads.

Origin: While he was on the moon, Charlie found the mystical Godstone, an other-dimensional ruby. The jewel grafted itself to his throat and extended tendrils through his body. Moonlight activated the gem, which transformed him into the lycanthropic Boy-Wolf.

Knowledgeable Specialities: Bronze Age Specialist

Recommended Reads:

Rover Red Charlie
Leader of the Simians

Name: Dave
Team: Incalculable
Ability: Maker of the final Decision. Purchase Comics. Purchase Magic the Gathering. Purchase of the miscellaneous.

Dave's profile pic

Knowledgeable Specialities: Silver and Bronze Age Marvel, Board Games, Everything else not previously listed.

Recommended Reads:

The Goon

CJ's profile pic

Minion of the Minions

Name: CJ
Team: Friday Nights and Saturday Afternoon
Ability: Host Magic Events. Master of the apology.

Knowledgeable Specialities:
Magic the Gathering.
Box of Shame.

Recommended Reads:

Locke and Key
Old Man Logan
Blackest Night
Sunday Funday

Name: Colin
Team: Ex-Tuesday Crew, Sunday
Ability: Register Biscuit
Dominates Julian in Mario Kart

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Knowledgeable Specialities: Current, Dc, Image, Independent, Marvel

Recommended Reads:

DC New Frontier
Locke & Key
Ex Machina

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Name: Julian
Team: Tuesday Crew, Sometimes Sat
Ability: Can Reach Tall Places, in Training

Knowledgeable Specialities: Sonic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers (Movies!)

Recommended Reads:

My Little Pony
Spider-man: One More Day
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